Life cycles

Mature sporophyte, young sporophyte emerging from gametophyte

from "Fern life cycle"

You can find these fresh takes on the classic biology life cycle in "E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth." With weighted lines and light washes of colour, these computer generated illustrations pay homage to traditional biological illustration, while giving them a clean crisp finish.

"Flowering plants life cycle"

Male gametophyte, female gameophyte, and sporophyte

from "Moss life cycle"

Mature colony, medusae, and new polyps

from "Obelia life cycle"

Tapeworm, cute intermediate hosts

from "Tapeworm life cycle"

You'll find more life cycles in "E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth," which you can download for free from iBooks.

Illustrations - Geoffrey L Cheung

Media - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Agency - Digizyme Inc., E.O. Wilson Foundation, Apple Inc.